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The ESF-CUC application system is now CLOSED

External Business Partner Commitment letter ESF-CUC

ESF Framework Report

Model Studentship Agreement


Links to the CUC partner institutions

The Combined Universities in Cornwall

University of Exeter

University College Falmouth

University of Plymouth

Peninsular College of Medicine & Dentistry

Cornwall College

Truro College

Penwith College


       The ESF-CUC PhD studentships



      The second call for applications is now CLOSED

During 2011 GWR will be involved in creating and delivering 40 PhD studentships to the Combined Universities in Cornwall partners (CUC), involving Cornish Business Partners, which will be funded by the European Social Fund, under its convergence funding for Cornwall.

These studentships are therefore ONLY available to academics working in institutions which are part of the CUC partnership, thus the students holding these awards must be registered for the degree of PhD at one of the following 4 institutions :

The University of Exeter

University College Falmouth

The Peninsular School of Medicine and Dentistry

The University of Plymouth

ADDITIONALLY the research must be carried out in Cornwall .

So if the the proposed project is not based at, for example, the Tremough campus of the CUC , Wood Lane in Falmouth or the European Centre for Environment and Human Health in Truro, then the proposal must clearly explain how the bulk of the work will be carried out in Cornwall.

This Cornwall base for the research activity is essential to meet the ESF rules regarding spend of convergence funding in the area it has been designated for.

If you have any doubt as to the eligibility of the research you wish to propose, please discuss the proposal with James Grant before developing your application : ,Tel 01392722380 or 01336253757.

The explanatory GWR background document "Eligibility and Application Guidelines for Academic staff in the CUC partner institutions".

may be viewed and downloaded as a pdf file HERE .

     The second call for applications is now CLOSED

GWR received a total of over 80 applications to be assessed by the GWR expert Theme Panels. Details of the membership of these GWR Theme Panels is available HERE.

The final funding decisions are made by the GWR Cornwall Research Board, membership details HERE .